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I was contacted by the Aerflow team to write a review based on my experience with the device. I am in love with this product. It has reduced my snoring dramatically. I haven't had a problem wearing this at night. I use this every night even while travelling on a plane. I highly recommend this, the quality is fantastic and it ships quickly.


Why This Product Is Right For You:

  • 96% Success Rate

    Rated as the most effective anti-snoring solutions in the market by our customers.

  • Comfort Fit

    Comfortable super soft silicone nose buds that will fit easily in your nose.

  • Instant Snore Relief

    Engineered to provide instant snore relief.

  • Alleviate Sleep Problems

    Snoring solution guaranteed to alleviate sleep problems for a heavenly night’s sleep.

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Hassle-Free Returns

We put our customers first - If you aren't happy, we will do everything to make sure you are. You can shop with peace of mind knowing that we offer 100% hassle-free returns.


We think we have a pretty good thing going here, but you don't have to take our word for it, see what our customers are saying!

FREE Yourself From Your Constrictive CPAP Mask!

Snoring solution guaranteed to alleviate sleep problems for a heavenly night’s sleep.

German Engineering - MADE IN THE USA

Quality Guaranteed, we pride ourselves on the using the finest materials available.

Key Features

  • Superior Quality Materials

    Our AerflowTM Anti Snoring Device is constructed from the highest quality materials on the market. This product is tough and durable, unlike imitation devices on the market that are manufactured to be disposable.

  • Ultra Portable - Bring It Anywhere!

    The AerflowTM Aerflow Anti Snoring Device was designed for convenience - It's the perfect solution for air travel due to it's compact size.

  • Extra Comfort Fit

    The device contains super soft silicone nose buds that are designed to fit snugly in the nostril cavity. You will barely notice wearing it while falling asleep.



“Very Effective! Great for people who have been suffering from snoring their whole lives. I have been using it for a few weeks now with great results. Im an accountant and I needed better rest for my stressful job.”


“Wow, this is the best snoring relief solution I have ever used. The first time I used it, there was a difference in how i felt the next morning! Most products do not deliver on their claims but you can trust this one.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the device rechargeable?

    Yes the device contains a rechargeable battery and a micro-USB charging cable is provided in the box.

  • How long does the battery last?

    The battery will last for a full nights sleep.

  • Does the device contain electronics and fans?

    Yes, our device contains all of these crucial components. Our device is superior to nearly all competitor products who tend to contain simple non-electronic nasal dilators or air filters.

  • How to clean the device?

    Use a damp cloth, do not submerge the device underwater.

  • Is the device disposable?

    No, the device can be used many times.

  • Is the device suitable for sleep apnea and snoring?

    Yes, the device is designed to effectively prevent snoring & sleep apnea.


AerflowTM Anti-Snoring Device


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